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The Elephant Girl

by Kathrine LaFleur

For Kalla, born to human parents but raised by a family of elephants, growing up in the rainforest is a grand adventure -- until she realizes that humans and elephants make better enemies than friends.
Determined to prove... see more

Moonlight Hunting

​The Cardonian Chronicles Book Two

by Kathrine LaFleur

​With one quarter of the Cardonian population in his grip, Fillian Barnabas has made his way into the Steeple Basin and the next phase of his plan to usurp all control of Cardonia. But Moonlight is close on his heels, determined to rescue... see more

Young Adult​​ books

The ​ Dream Traveler

The Cardonian Chronicles Book One

by Kathrine LaFleur

​Four hundred years ago everyone in Cardonia Gifted with Telepathy was exiled to the Badlands, a stretch of unforgiving, unlivable desert. Now the spirits of those who were so cruelly and unjustly punished have invaded Cardonia,and they are... see more

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The Dream Traveler                        Moonlight Hunting