Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. If you missed the launch for Moonlight Hunting, you can still get a signed copy of the book from The Laurel Bookstore.

I'm still blushing from these words of praise by the Midwest Book Review: "Moonlight Hunting is the second volume of author Kathrine LaFleur's outstanding 'Cardonian Chronicles' series and showcases her genuine flair for deftly crafted fantasy-adventure storytelling. An unfailingly entertaining read from cover to cover, Moonlight Hunting is very highly recommended for young adult reading lists and community library collections."

Talking with Cyrus Webb about the Cardonian Chronicles, facing fears, and inspiring young readers was a special treat. Listen in here.

Enter the kingdom of Cardonia.

From the author...

Kathrine LaFleur grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lurking beneath the stairs where her grandmother kept a small, dusty library is one of her best childhood memories. She has many years of experience as an elementary school educator and enjoys nurturing a love of reading and writing in her students. She has written books for a range of ages from four years to young adult. She hopes that her writing will empower readers to value their unique qualities and see their own potential to transform obstacles into opportunities to triumph. She currently lives in Oakland, CA where she joyfully pursues her passion of writing and publishing books.

“Kathrine LaFleur is the perfect writer for young children. Her stories are quick, entertaining, and will keep any child intrigued. It’s time that her books reach every school in the world!” ~ AMP Film Review Team

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Kathrine LaFleur is available for workshops, school visits, and interviews. For more information, please contact us.

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